Jane Holden

AGF wouldn’t be AGF without Jane! Not only is she our Director of Fundraising, she does almost everything else related to the charity (apart from the accounts!), being with us since practically the start of our journey. Between her first-hand knowledge of all forms of fundraising and her zest for life, Jane is an incredible resource for volunteers, and actively encourages supporters to take part in all sorts of activities participating in many of these herself: leading by example! She brings with her over 20 years of fundraising and charity experience, and is renowned for her work in many communities, schools and companies. Jane is full of surprises: she loves to run, alone or with groups, in all kinds of events, whether serious marathons, of which she has completed 5, or for fun, running in mud and negotiating obstacles! Jane, a mother of three sons, is known for her huge warm smile and contagious laughter. Basically, she does it all!

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