Tim Perutz

Tim lived in London until he was 12 then he moved with his parents to the USA . After high school in Chicago, and college in Ohio, Tim earned an MA in History from the University of Edinburgh. He then started work as a pizza delivery boy! He ended up running a franchise of 10 shops with 200 employees. He joined Nimlok in 1992 as MD, when the company had 17 employees. Over the last 25 years Nimlok has grown into a group of companies that employs 800 people in 6 countries.

He met Andrew and Gregory aged 14 at High School on the outskirts of Chicago and they became inseparable mates: best friends, joint best men at his wedding, Godfather to his children. When Andrew lost his life in the earthquake in 2010, Tim felt passionately that he wanted to do something to honour Andrew, and so with Gregory, founded the AGF.

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