New 7th graders

We welcome our new 7th grade class at the AGHS.  Wishing them all every success over the next few years.  We look forward to seeing you all flourish.  

Happy New Year

As we welcome the new year, we hope that things across the world will improve.  We are looking to 2021 with positivity, and wish you all a healthy and happy year. Thank you all for your continued support.

Graduation class of 2020

Susanna and I were honoured to attend the graduation at the Andrew Grene High School a couple of weeks ago.  Having experienced a year like no other, we are extremely proud of our graduating students, who continued their studies throughout the pandemic, resulting in...

Haiti today

As Haiti is facing new and terrible challenges, we are writing to express the Andrew Grene Foundation’s solidarity with, and commitment to, our extraordinary partners in Haiti, both in microfinance and in education. The country has historically faced impossible...

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