AGF – Hand in Hand 2019

Our Story

A Rob Petit short film.
About the origins of the Andrew Grene Foundation.

Andrew Grene Foundation 2013:
Three Years After

The founding of the US and UK based charity, and what it has done.

 Our School

A Rob Petit short film.
Following Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January 2010 the Andrew Grene Foundation (AGF) was set up to invest in the country to help with the reconstruction of Haiti from within.

Our Microfinance Branch

A Rob Petit short film.
In a rural part of Haiti called Aquin, the AGF now has a branch of Fonkoze, offering over 1600 business women small loans to get their businesses up and running.

Thank you Rob and the team at Milkwood TV for producing such incredible, inspirational films about our Foundation.

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