An update from our team in Haiti

An update from our team in Haiti

Behind the headlines and despite catastrophic recent events, life goes on in Haiti. We have been amazed by the courage, innovation and determination of our colleagues at the Andrew Grene High School, and today we share an update, received last week, from it’s Principal, Ricot Pierre:

We had 269 students in the beginning of the school year. Some students have left due to the violence. However, despite the current situation in Port-au-Prince, and the fact that it is said everywhere that all schools are closed in the capital, schools in Cité Soleil continue to operate.

We currently have a total of 240 students (102 boys and 138 girls) in attendance. Children who live outside the area are accommodated by other families in the area in order to be able to come to school. Several teachers have had to be accommodated by friends or families in less dangerous areas and we are using replacement strategies to teach their students.

Many people consider that what Haiti is currently experiencing is more severe than the earthquake of 2010.

During this period, to help with the psychological needs of the students, we encourage more sporting activities and try to develop activities with other schools. We had a big sporting and cultural event last Friday with a local school, and before a friendly football match, our children sang and danced with those from the other school. The bakery space was operated by a group of former students preparing products for guests, because there were a lot of people.

It seems obvious that the road to hope will be long. More than ever, the school needs you and all the supporters. And together, we will have a great testimony of success. The world looked favourably on Haiti in 2010. Now, let’s hope that Haiti is not forgotten.

Gratitude and admiration


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