Covid-19 and the impact on AGHS, an update from Headmaster Ricot

Covid-19 and the impact on AGHS, an update from Headmaster Ricot

Coronavirus has again highlighted the fragility and the ephemeral nature of human life. In a short time, the world has totally changed. Many pure and generous souls have gone beyond. We have a special thought for all our supporter friends in the United Kingdom and the United States who are victims or have lost friends and families in this pandemic.

Coronavirus in Haiti and the operating strategies of AGHS

Since the confirmation of 2 cases of COVID-19 in Haiti on Thursday, March 19, the country has been declared in a state of health emergency. Schools, vocational training centers, universities are closed. Andrew Grene High School, as in its heyday, has not abandoned its students. We have been able to develop strategies to continue the lessons remotely. At the start, we gave priority to the 9th and Philo students and then for all students from grades 7 to 12. We asked each teacher to prepare a weekly lesson summary with homework. Originally, parents picked them up every Monday morning at school. They reported on students’ work on Monday and received new lessons and homework for students. But following the spread of the virus, a new presidential decree was issued, fixing a maximum of 5 people in a space at a time. So, we then asked the teachers to summarize the lessons with weekly homework for the rest of the program for the year. The only difference, the students no longer benefit from correction but students who need help contact the teacher directly by phone. Parents tell us about the difference this program has made in the lives of their children. This also facilitates a minimum of recommended containment. It’s a great success for the entire Grenoise community.

The Minister of National Education, Pierre Josue Agenor Cadet, has announced several scenarios for the resumption of classroom lessons. He talks about the possibility of a resumption in August or September. The 2019-20 school year would be completed in October or November 2020. But everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic in the country and political decisions.

Our scholarship students at the University 

I am in contact via a Whatsapp group with the scholars. Only a few have had online courses and have been able to complete the current session since the virus first appeared in the country. But overall the majority of students tell me that everything stops for them.

The school buildings

I go to school regularly, while being careful. Some students come to see me sometimes. They tell me they work well at home but can’t wait to go back to school. The gardens benefit in the meantime. We added flowers. Everything is fine.

Andrew Grene High School always makes a difference

We are one of the few schools in the country that has been able to develop a strategy of continuity in this crisis that works for all students. One of the first conditions was to be able to ensure the monthly payment of teachers. And that’s what the Andrew Grene Foundation did. With all our heart, we thank the whole team and all the supporters of this work of love always by our side.

Headmaster Ricot Pierre

June 2020


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