Dorothie’s Determination

Dorothie’s Determination

Writing about Haiti can be depressing at times, but I also find reason to be inspired.

One such reason is Dorothie.

Dorothie joined the Andrew Grene High School in August 2011 when our doors opened. She did not find education easy, but Dorothie was determined. She had several personal health challenges during her time at school, but she overcame them and graduated in 2018.

She was our first ever sponsored student, sponsored by Anne, a lady who came to a talk that I delivered at Trinity College Dublin. At this time, the sponsorship program was in its infancy, but Anne, mother to 4 daughters, was taken with the chance of supporting a child less fortunate than her own, and she signed up immediately.

From the outset, Dorothie was determined to secure a career in medicine. She never wavered in this desire, but things are hard in Haiti. Extremely hard. When she graduated from the AGHS she was not awarded a university scholarship, and her parents were unable to support her financially through the university system, so she took an administrative position in a local factory.

But as I say, Dorothie was determined, and never lost sight of her goal of going into a medical profession. 4 years on from leaving the AGHS, she had saved enough to put herself through nursing college and started her studies in September 2022.

Dorothie was determined.

Anne writes: “Sponsoring Dorothie’s education was a brilliant experience for me and my husband. We met her when we visited Haiti in 2016 and were bowled over by her warmth and good spirits. She always wanted to be part of the medical profession so it’s really great to hear that she has had the courage and determination to follow her dream.”

So, I would like to thank Anne, and all of our sponsors who enable children like Dorothie to fulfil their dreams, but mostly I would like to thank Dorothie, for being determined.

Jane Holden, AGF Director of Fundraising

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