Funding the Alfa Bon Program

Funding the Alfa Bon Program

Our mission is to give the Haitian people the resources to develop themselves through education and microfinance.

As part of our mission and vision, we’re extremely proud to see the achievements made from microfinance projects over the years.

The Alfa Bon Program in 2019

At the start of 2019 we provided the funding for a literacy program in Aken, targeting 50 people to build their skills within a span of seven months.

The Alfa Bon program is designed to deliver 30 lessons on a bi-weekly basis for no more than an hour to enable adults with little or no schooling to build basic reading and writing skills.

Feedback from the beneficiaries has been positive. Many report a positive change in personal confidence, attitude and behaviour.

One of our participants, Adeline Antoine, was never able to enrol her child in school. The local school principal expects parents to fill out school forms for their children.

Now that Adeline is literate, she has been able to enrol her child in school. She has also been able to serve as a witness at her eldest child’s wedding, by signing the wedding certificate at the ceremony.

Without your continued support, clients like Adeline would not achieve these milestone moments, so we thank you all.

adeline antoine

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