Miles for AGF – our latest initiative

Miles for AGF – our latest initiative

Miles for AGF is our latest fundraising initiative, started by Simon Perutz. The aim is to raise an incredible $50,000 for The Andrew Grene Foundation, which will be matched to $100,000 to start an endowment for the charity.

Miles for AGF
Day 1 of the challenge, with 11.6 miles logged.


How Miles for AGF works

We’re signing people up to log the miles you walk, run or cycle in the next year, and to get sponsored for each mile in aid of The AGF. The average person covers about two miles per day (that’s 735 miles per year), so a pledge of $0.05 per mile would mean a total donation of $36.50.

The easiest way to record your miles is to use a pedometer, mobile app or a device like a fitbit. 

How to join

We’d love you to join us! Pop over to our dedicated Facebook page, and let us know how many cents (or pennies!) per mile you plan to raise. We’ll send you a Miles for AGf lollipop (wherever in the world you are) to use in your photos that you can post on our Facebook page. We’re sure that you’ll really get into putting in the miles, and will land up doing many more than expected, so it’s a double pleasure of doing something for a great cause and getting fit in the process.
At the end of the year, you can make your donation and help to transform lives in Haiti.

You can run, cycle, walk, hike … or play hockey!




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