Graduate Success

Graduate Success

We had been hoping to stop by our school in Haiti in person prior to Christmas to show our support, and got a definitive “not possible at this time” two days ago from our security team – risks both to ourselves in the immediate term and in terms of flagging the school as a possible target thereafter. Times could not be more fiercely challenging.

But wanted to mention this context, because one day later….

We got this note from our Head of School Ricot last night, and wanted to share.

Simply extraordinary.

To put the below in further context – when Ricot references a 5% pass rate, he is talking about 5% of the top 1.5% of all students nationally, who statistically are those taking the exam. A numerical person will be better able to calculate what that constitutes mathematically, but I believe that amounts to the top .075% of students in Haiti, from a school in the most economically-challenged département of Port-au-Prince…and our student heads the whole list.

The finest of Christmas presents.


December 7, 2021 at 7:02:19 PM EST:

Hello dear friends,


I hope you are doing well.


Abdias Brutus, the president of class 2020 graduated, is in the head in the list of winners at the contest of Superior Normal School, in the department Physic, State University of Haiti (UEH). This is the second time that Andrew Grene High School has given a laureate to the ENS competition. In 2018, Paul Nikenson Charles had opened this way. He is now a Teacher at AGHS, this school which paved the way for him to succeed. Nikenson is passionate about the school and very grateful to AGF.
We have several other Grenois who succeed in other UEH competitions this year. The list is provisional, but for the moment we have Gamael Petit and Hebens Rosier.


Considered a fortress, an unachievable place, in view of the limited number of admissions to the annual competitions of the State University of Haiti, generally around a hundred out of thousands of candidates. Students graduating from AGHS demystified this competition. They were able to carve out places in the different faculties of the UEH.
And even if sometimes some of our Grenois fail, we consider that they succeed because of having dared to participate in the competitions of the UEH. Because, when you know that the chance of success is less than 5%, just making the decision to participate is a huge success.


Everything is going well at school. Otherwise, the challenges of the moment. But we are doing our best to move forward. We will organize the Control exams next Monday. We will stop classes on December 21 for the end of the year holiday break. We will restart on January 3rd, 2022.


The ground is slippery. But Andrew’s spirit is with us. So, AGHS won’t stop shining.


Mèsi anpil


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