Earthquake in Haiti 2021

Earthquake in Haiti 2021

As folks know, there was an earthquake this morning in Haiti. Happily the school, faculty and community have not been affected.  The challenge will be in our microfinance branch, which is in Aquin, very close to the epicenter. Will pass on info as soon as we hear.  Sending every thought and hope their way.   

Update from Gregory:

…school buildings shaken but not damaged. Still waiting to hear from Aquin. And Topical Storm Grace now threatening to add to the impossible situation in Haiti, on top of all else.

Hoping despite the odds to fly down on Wednesday to celebrate our students’ battle against every challenge, and if possible touch base with Fonkoze liaisons.  Depending on Grace….

As always, if you would like to donate, it is so warmly appreciated, certainly by us, but in a way we cannot express by those on the ground.

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