Meals from the Heart

Meals from the Heart

We would like to say an enormous thank you to Meals from the Heart by Mano Amigo for their incredibly generous gift of food parcels for the Andrew Grene High School.

Their nutritious lunch packs include Rice, Soy Protein, Vitamins & Minerals Flavor Mix and Freeze-Dried Mixed Vegetables, and we have kindly been gifted an amazing two years supply of lunches for our students.

Ricot Pierre, Headmaster, says ‘Thank you for this significant help. As you know, Haiti is experiencing a very acute socio-economic crisis and many Haitian families are unable to feed their children. Providing school meals is immensely important – it means our students and staff get a meal for five days out of seven, and a good lunch contributes greatly to the process of teaching and learning. It’s the oil of the school day! A thousand thanks for these meals.’

Meals from Mano Amigo
School lunch


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