Jane had the pleasure of re-visiting BBC Radio Leicester last Saturday to talk about everything AGF:

  • High school exam results
  • Sports court opening
  • Re-cap on the HHH marathon 2018
  • Update on the return of the HHH marathon for 2019 and how to get involved

On February 16th 2019, the HHH marathon will be returning with 50 spaces up for grabs. There’s a new scenic route at a higher altitude for cooler temperatures and even better views.

The Holden Haiti Half Views

There’s also two race options to choose from to accommodate runners of all abilities.

15 runners have signed up already after just two weeks of launching!

You can tune in and listen to Jane’s interview with Emma Boydell at BBC Radio Leicester here (starting at 1:39:30): https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/p06l4tgy#playt=99m0s.

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