Holden’s first Haiti Half Marathon Report

Holden’s first Haiti Half Marathon Report


With a lot of determination, Jane has successfully completed her first half marathon in Haiti, smashing her fundraising target.

When the official run was cancelled at the last minute, an undeterred Jane Holden organised her own half marathon in Haiti and named it the ‘Holden Haiti Half’.

The money she has raised will go towards our #Sports4Haiti campaign, raising funds for a new sports court at the Andrew Grene Foundation High School.

Here, Jane talks about how the run went and how plans are developing for a public event for 2019:

Jane’s half marathon in Haiti

I didn’t sleep too well the night before the run.

I woke every hour, worried I would oversleep. I felt nervous but excited to actually start running.

I was happy that I had the company of two Reconnaissance employees and one Digicel employee. They provided good banter and lessened the nerves!

It was also good to be able to jog along next to one or the other of them at any one time, and they were very patient with me as they are all faster runners than me.

I think because they were with me, and we had a support vehicle behind us, I felt totally safe. There were areas along the route where the traffic posed a little bit of a nuisance, but we worked around it and kept to the side of the road wherever possible.

“The support was amazing”

The support in the streets from everyday Haitian’s going about their daily business was amazing. I think they were surprised to see four white folk jogging through the streets early on a Sunday morning.

One kid jogged along next to us for at least a mile, and he only had flip flops on!

Physically it was the most challenging half marathon I have ran, due to the heat and the hills.

The route was very tough, and at times I had to focus on my reason for running in the first place, which of course was to raise funds for the new sport court at the Andrew Grene High School.

When it got really tough at about mile 11, I just had to think that my little discomfort was nothing to the daily struggles some of our students endure, and that got me back on track.

It was such a great feeling when we rounded the final corner and saw the Marriott Hotel where we were finishing.

The General Manager, the Reconnaissance boss and a group of hotel staff were there to greet us, cheering us in, and holding our banner high!

I felt quite emotional, and if truth be known, I think the lads did too!

Everyone knows how much I love a cup of tea, and they had brought one for me at the finish line, which was probably the best cup of tea I have ever had.

My supporters, both home and in Haiti were both emotionally and financially supportive, and I smashed my original fundraising target, raising over £2500.

Run the Holden Half / 10K in February 2019

There has been so much interest I have been persuaded to put on a more official event in February 2019.

After discussions with Reconnaissance, we have decided to change the route to more of a trail run, up in the mountains, where it will be cooler, and with no traffic, making it safe for a larger group of runners.

We are also discussing the possibility of having both a 10K race and Half Marathon, giving options, and opening it up to more runners of varying abilities.

If you’re interested in hearing more information about the Holden Half 2019 when dates are announced, then please contact us or click here to register.

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