Ricot Pierre, Headmaster of the Andrew Grene High School, sent us this update following Hurricane Matthew.

‘The AGHS flag flies at half mast this morning in solidarity with the victims of the devastating Hurricane Matthew. I could not hold back my tears at the ceremony this morning. Haiti, already very ill, continues to be the target of a series of disastrous phenomena. I address my prayers daily to God, pleading for these curses to cease. Alas! I had barely seen the answers. God takes His time, my countrymen scrape by. But I know He will answer.It’s hard to work in a context where everything seems distorted. I try to keep my faith. I try to stand in hope.The systematic meltdown of the country has a direct effect on the future. The students are nevertheless very positive. It is better. Because, if like me, they understood the woes of the country, that would be a nightmare for them.Today, almost all students have returned to school. Only seven students are absent. Is it because of the effects of the hurricane damage? I do not know yet, but it is possible. I’ll try to contact them.Thank you for all the solidarity that you have shown. AGHS is a school of solace. It is the power that charges the battery of our resilience.

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