Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge 2024

Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge 2024

The Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge: 12.5 hours; 30 miles; 4200 ft elevation; 80 Wine Gums; 98,000 steps later…we did it!

Thank you all for your support for this challenge. It was a tough one, not least due to the never ending climbs, the thunderstorms overhead – and the sudden addition of 4 extra miles! But your donations mean that we can now provide 6 weeks of professional mental health support for all of our staff at the AGHS.

We all know the importance of looking after our mental health, and when you’re living through the daily trauma of the ongoing crisis in Haiti, PTSD is often just the start of it. We are determined to ensure that our team receive all the support that they need to be the heroes they are, including the sometimes forgotten area of mental health.

So once again, a big thank you for helping us to provide everything necessary to keep our school open and thriving.

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