Here’s a brief update from Simon Perutz on the Miles for the Andrew Grene Foundation fundraiser:

‘We started logging our miles on July 11 2016 so we are almost two thirds of the way through our yearlong fundraiser.  So far, I walked 1314 miles and biked 959 for an average of 9.8 miles per day. Kim has run and walked another 1200.

miles for agf

With money already raised, and the pledges already received, we expect to raise almost $75,000. This will provide a much needed resource for the school and allow it to think about some longer-term projects.

miles for agf

Many thanks for your past (if you have already contributed) or future support. You are making a very important impact in a place that needs all the help it can get. I will give you another update as we get closer to our July 10 end date.’

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