New AGF microfinance branch opens after Hurricane Matthew devastation in Haiti

AGF microfinance branch with Fonkoze Microfinance

New AGF microfinance branch opens after Hurricane Matthew devastation in Haiti

Microfinance branch new openingThe Andrew Grene Foundation have re-opened their microfinance branch in a new location with Fonkoze Microfinance.

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in October 2016 causing widespread devastation. It was the most powerful Caribbean storm in almost ten years.

The new branch is a bigger and better premises and is a positive step forward to help transform lives in Haiti through microfinancing.

With your ongoing help and support following our Hurricane appeal, we’re pleased to be able to offer these new high quality microfinance facilities to help lift women and their families out of extreme poverty with small loans and educational programmes.

People lost everything in Hurricane Matthew

Speaking about the harrowing devastation Anne Hastings, Founder and former Director of Fonkoze Financial Services told us in 2016 that:

“No one knows how many people have died, and nor will they because so many have been washed out to sea.

“Whole towns are just gone.

“So many families have lost their entire means of existence. Crops, livestock, shops, homes.

“So they have no source of revenue whatsoever.

“People have lost absolutely everything.”

Many areas were completely flattened, and a year on, the rebuilding process continues.

We visited the old microfinance branch just one week after the hurricane to assess the situation and to take water, supplies and water purification tablets.

Although the building withstood the hurricane, extensive damage was done, leaving part of the roof damaged. Most of the paperwork was destroyed or damaged by the flooding that followed in the following days.

After the visit, it was decided that a new location for the branch should be found.

Importance of microfinance in rebuilding Haiti

Making sure that our microfinance facilities are available for our clients is vital to our mission to give the people of Haiti the resources to develop themselves through education and microfinance.

All of the stock that our clients would sell at the market disappeared from their homes overnight, along with most or all of their possessions after Hurricane Matthew.

With so many families having lost everything, it was vital that we continue to offer support to help rebuild their lives and businesses as quickly as we could.

Thanks to your continued support and donations, we were able to find a new building in a better location and to provide our clients with a newly refurbished, high-quality facility to do their business.

AGF microfinance branch with Fonkoze MicrofinanceFinding and refurbishing a better microfinance branch

Not only have the AGF replaced the microfinance branch, but we have also addressed the growing needs of those who use it.

It’s now a place of comfort with full air conditioning, secure safe, open meeting space upstairs and private meeting rooms for the clients to meet with the branch staff to discuss their business loans.

The new premises is in Aken, on the main road and in a better building.

However, many renovations and alterations were needed to ensure this could function as a proper bank. To make sure that it could provide our clients with a top quality facility, where they can come to deposit their money, come to their group meetings and to our educational programme.

A year later and with the funds raised through our hurricane appeal, we have now officially re-opened our microfinance branch with Fonkoze Microfinance.

Just £16 a month helps set up a female entrepreneur through a microfinance project. Find out how to make a donation and make a real difference to the people of Haiti.

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