New bakery at AGHS – serving the school and community

New bakery at AGHS – serving the school and community

Despite the recent closure caused by civil unrest and Covid 19, Ricot and his team have launched a new on-site bakery at the school.

The bakery is managed by Ruth Vilsaint, a former pupil at AGHS who won a scholarship to study Hotel & Hospitality at one of the best schools in Port-au-Prince.  As well as providing baked goods for the students and neighbouring community, Ruth will be sharing her knowledge and teaching the children how to bake. Ricot’s team will be on hand to offer support with marketing and accounting, helping Ruth to develop the business, paying herself and two employees a salary.

The bakery will be open to the whole neighbourhood, once again bringing hope and positivity to the area.

Ruth said “I am so happy to have been given the scholarship from the AGF.  Without it my parents could not have afforded to send me to college to learn my new trade.  And now, I feel even happier that the foundation is supporting me to help set up my new business. I know that I will be successful!”

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