New Year, New Shoes

New Year, New Shoes

We are proud of the education we provide at the Andrew Grene High School, and the sense of pride our students take in being part of our “family”. School shoes however, remain a real problem for many and in truth, the families struggle to afford decent, sturdy, comfortable footwear that will last the course of a year. When the rains come, the area around the school is often flooded, which means that the children arrive with wet shoes or even barefoot, which is both uncomfortable and distracting for them. We believe that our students deserve better, and today sees the launch of our New Shoes campaign.

We have 253 pupils in total and Ricot has identified 28 children who are in desperate need of shoes. If we can raise just £700/ $840/ €784, we can buy a pair of shoes for each of these students. We have found a local manufacturer who produces comfortable, hard-wearing shoes from recycled materials for just £25/ $30/ €28 a pair. Using a local supplier not only benefits our students, but also secures work for the wider community.

Ultimately we want to offer every pupil at AGHS suitable footwear, and with your help, we can achieve this goal. Click here if you would like to buy a pair of shoes for one of our students.  Thank you.


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