News from Ricot Pierre – Head Teacher at the Andrew Grene High School

News from Ricot Pierre – Head Teacher at the Andrew Grene High School

The AGF is committed to the highest quality of learning, not only with our students, but also our staff.

Ricot is currently in Canada, where he is completing his Masters course in School Management. Ricot has sent us a short update which we wanted to share with you, and thank you once again for your support.

My internship topic:

Leadership of the Principal and its implications for students’ performance.

By performance, I mean not only exam success, but also the student’s success in life for himself and for society. In this respect, traditional Haitian schools are bad models.

On the other hand, I must admit that the challenges for a school community with a holistic paradigm of success are enormous. It involves willpower, competence and enormous resources. However, the courses received at USB during this stay, combined with the various courses taken in the master’s program in Haiti, give me a better understanding of the mission of a school and the role of the Director.

We have already made great efforts at Andrew Grene High School. And we are well positioned to make a difference and to be a model in the coming years in the country.

I hope that we will find more donors pledging to support the foundation to help you bear the burden of the school budget. Because, under present conditions, it is a utopia to count on families to make a serious school in this environment.

Best wishes


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