Salk School of Science Visit

Salk School of Science Visit

Last month we were invited to Salk School of Science in New York City, where Gregory and Ricot gave powerful presentations about our work to two groups of students.  Salk have been supporting and fundraising for AGF since the beginning, and it really is a group effort, but the driving force is Ling Teo (pictured left) who was Gregory’s supervising teacher when he was a student teacher, and met Andrew when he visited the school. She reached out when she heard of his loss and immediately started the connection with the foundation, and has been the guiding force.

Pictured centre is 8th grade student, Sobel Gaudissard Traore, who translated Ricot’s speech from French to English, and did a perfect job – thank you Sobel!

Also pictured are Gregory, Ricot and Rhonda Perry the school Principal who we would like to thank for inviting us once again to share our mission.

We cannot do the work we do in Haiti without the support of passionate donors such as this and we are so very grateful – thank you.

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