Secret Santa – Mission Accomplished!

Secret Santa – Mission Accomplished!

Thank you all for so generously supporting our Christmas Campaign last year. We’re delighted to report that your donations provided 100 new period packs for students and staff at the Andrew Grene High School!

As you know, life in Haiti is challenging, so we thought we’d share with you the story of how we ensured the safe delivery of the new packs to the school.

Once your donations were received, we placed an order with Days for Girls, who have a sewing centre in Cap Haitian, in the north of the island. Contracting local women to make the packs enables us to support the Haitian economy: it’s a win-win.

We then had to get the packs from the north of the country to Port-au-Prince, in the south. The journey can be perilous and a lack of infrastructure makes traditional means unreliable. We decided the safest way was to send the packs on the Sans-Souci bus, with Andy Bien-Aime, our deputy headteacher collecting them from the bus station in Port-au-Prince and bringing them back to school.

Even with all the challenges faced, the team from AGHS and Days for Girls were able to coordinate the manufacture and delivery of the goods in a few short weeks, showing once again the true resilience of the Haitian people.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our happy students receiving their packs at the end of their journey.

This initiative helps our women and girls feel more confident and secure when they have their periods. Thank you once again for your support.

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