#Sports4Haiti launched to raise funds for a new sports court

#Sports4Haiti launched to raise funds for a new sports court

We have launched an exciting new project to raise funds to build a new sports court in collaboration with ZGF Architects and KPFF Engineers, for the Andrew Grene Foundation School in Haiti.

Sports Day At the Andrew Grene Foundation High School

After purchasing a plot of land next to the school, we have plans of transforming the barren land into a safe space to play sports – and a safe place for the children to play.

Our aim is to raise $20-$40k US dollars but we need your help!

To introduce #Sports4Haiti and our collaboration with ZGF and KPFF, please watch this short video:

#Sports4Haiti Collaboration with ZGF and KPFF

We are really excited and proud to be working in partnership with ZGF Architects and KPFF Engineers to help design and build our new sports court, once we have raised the funds needed to progress.

Tim Williams from ZGF Architects commented on why they wanted to partner with us for #Sports4Haiti:

“The connection between architecture and Haiti is an interesting one.

“Based on the devastation from the earthquake, we wanted to know if there was a way that we could help them to think about building infrastructure in a way that would make them more durable in the event of a future earthquake.

“The skillsets that we could potentially expose students to, even at an early age, expose them to the notions of engineering and civil engineering and ways that they could participate in the economy in a meaningful way, became something that we saw as a way to leverage the skillsets that we have that are needed in Haiti.”

As well as working together on our #Sports4Haiti campaign for a new sports court, ZGF Architects and KPFF Engineers visited our AGF School.

Kalan Beck from ZGF Architects said “Haiti has so much more to offer and nothing can really prepare you for that until you go visit.

“What we got to experience with the AGF and partnering with KPFF Engineers is a beautiful landscape that is made up of individuals that are so happy and willing to extend their helping hand.

“It is our hope, in this new partnership, that we will change the world’s perspective and the future of Haiti and the youth that the AGF is a part of.”

Speaking about the plans for the new sports court that they have developed, Adam Blood from ZGF Architects said: “We’re really excited about the proposed sports court for the AGF. We’ve taken the input of the school and the students to create a safe place to play.

“The sports court will have storage facilities, restrooms and seating. We’re utilising local materials and construction methods to create the sports court and will create this opportunity to use it as a teaching moment with the students in their local resources, material and construction methods.”

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