Just Giving Emergency Covid-19 Appeal

Just Giving Emergency Covid-19 Appeal

As you have heard, Coronavirus is shutting down businesses, charities and community projects left, right and centre. Not so at the Andrew Grene Foundation!



During these uncertain times, we realise that we are all experiencing challenges never before anticipated, and we know that you will all have had to make adaptations to your everyday lives to navigate this pandemic.

However, for our clients, students and teachers in Haiti, the Coronavirus is a great concern. Social distancing, good sanitation, hand washing, and access to medical help is in short supply, and so we are asking for your help at this crucial time.

A one off donation of £5 will enable us to purchase face masks for a microfinance client in Aken.

£10 would ensure that Ricot can supply a student with enough internet access to continue all online classes, ensuring continuity of education.

£100 would provide 5 buckets, spigots, masks, sanitizer and soap for our staff at the Aken branch of Fonkoze.

You can donate via our new Just Giving appeal. Whatever you can give, our service users thank you for making a difference.

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