New kitchen facilities!

New kitchen facilities!

You may recall that back in February, Jane ran a marathon with a difference. Some considered her challenge to be “ridiculous; strange; crazy.” Who would want to run one mile every hour for 26 consecutive hours?! Well, it may have been all those things, but it was also “joyful; painful; emotional” but most of all, it was SUCCESSFUL!

This fundraising activity was undertaken with the sole objective to raise funds to upgrade the kitchen facilities at the high school. The amount raised was beyond what was required, allowing us to purchase the new gas cooker and supply gas for a year. PLUS, we have been able to install a little sink. It may not look much, but my goodness, it’s a game changer to the cooks, and we simply could not be happier about it. 😊

It’s sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest difference, and it’s YOU, our incredible supporters who help us to keep making these little wins. 


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