Update from Fonkoze

Update from Fonkoze

We wanted to share this story from Fonkoze, with you, our supporters, so that you can see how very real the need is, and how very grateful we are, for your solidarity and your donations.

It comes from Laurence Camille, director of the Fonkoze Education Program. She reports ‘It is very sad to live on an island when you know all around you everything has fallen apart. My team in the South, particularly in Okoto (Aux Coteaux on the maps) has suffered a terrible blow.  One woman who is from the town has found herself with a house without a roof, with a family of eight looking for shelter. Others who had moved to the town for the project were living in two houses that were invaded by gushes of water coming through the blown away doors and windows. Where does one find shelter for a wet mattress? What do you decide to rescue from the flowing water? The family stayed on until the following week when they came for a consultation with us at Central.  We had to call a psychologist to help them process what they had just experienced, and left behind.’

A family home in Haiti post-Hurricane Matthew

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