What do you really need this Christmas?

What do you really need this Christmas?

“Secret Santa” has become a mainstay of the season within offices and amongst groups of friends the world over. Pull a name out of a hat, rack your brains for something to buy within the agreed price limit – usually around £10 – and wait to see what the poor soul who draws your name finds for you.

But what do you really need this Christmas?

More novelty socks? Another scented candle? A new bottle of shower gel?

In Haiti, the female staff and students at the Andrew Grene High School really need proper period protection. So this year, we are asking you to get involved with our Christmas Campaign and donate £10/$14/€12, which will provide one period pack (that will last 3 years!) to one recipient.

Included in the pack are waterproof shields, soap, pants, washcloth, absorbent liners, carry pouch for washing and storing, drawstring bag to hold components.

With all the challenges that come with living in Haiti, having a period should not be one of them – and certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to attending school.

So if you are wondering what to get your Secret Santa, your friend, or your loved one this year, please click here to make a donation and download a gift receipt you can send to your chosen recipient.

Give someone something they really need this Christmas.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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