You are invited to Jane’s birthday party!

You are invited to Jane’s birthday party!

A marathon, but not as you know it…

For the past few years, I’ve taken on a running challenge on my birthday, raising funds for our foundation. I’m the Director of Fundraising, so it seems fitting for me to step up at least once a year and “put my money where my mouth is”, so to speak!

This year, to say thank you and to really challenge myself, I have decided to run a marathon. But not as you know it!

This marathon will be run across 26 hours. One mile, every hour. 

I’ll start at 6am on my birthday (24th Feb) and finish at 8am the following day. The last mile will be 1.2 miles to make up the full marathon distance.

“Why?” I hear you ask…

We need new cooking facilities at the Andrew Grene High School. Currently, we use charcoal to heat the food for the daily lunches we provide. This is expensive and bad for the environment, so we would like to swap this for new gas stoves. The cost of implementing these changes is £2,500, so this is my fundraising target for this challenge.

You’re invited…

So, here is your invitation to join my “party”! Come and run with me for as many miles as you like during the 26-hour running period. No matter where you are in the world, your time difference won’t matter – so no excuses! 

I’ll be available via video link on WhatsApp and will run on the hour, every hour, so if you are joining me, please do let me know and we can link up and enjoy the mile together! If you can’t link up on the day, please share your photos of your mile with us for everyone to enjoy.

You can sign up below or on JustGiving

If you have any questions, please contact

Join Jane for a run on her birthday (24th Feb)

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