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Become a sponsor today and you’ll be supporting a student at the Andrew Grene High School.

With 100% of your donation going to sponsor your chosen student, you can be sure you are making a lasting difference to their life, and the life of their family.

Sponsoring a child is an incredible experience. You are able to exchange letters and photos with your student, although we must stress that as there is no postal system in Haiti, this often takes some time, as one of our team gathers the letters from the sponsors and delivers them to school, and then brings letters from the students home and re-posts them out to you. This usually happens twice a year.

You can follow their journey as they progress through the school, and enjoy their success.

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Mirakendia Desulme

Hello, my name is Mirakendia Desulme. I'm 12 years old and I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I enjoy studying at AGHS and I'd like to be a lawyer when I am older.  In my spare time, my friends and I like to play games like titato.   If you would like to...

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Pheberne Janvier

Hello, my name is Pheberne Janvier, I was born in Delmas in 2004. I enjoy being creative, especially drawing and painting.  When I am older I hope to be an artist.   If you would like to sponsor me, please select whether you would prefer to pay...

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Woobentz Mondesir

Hello, my name is Woobentz Mondesir. I am excited to be studying at AGHS as it is the best school in the area! I enjoy learning and my favourite subjects are French and Mathematics. In my spare time I like to read, ride my bike or play soccer with my...

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Vioutchie Jean Nicolas

Hello, my name is Vioutchie Jean Nicolas and I was born in Cap-Haïtien in 2007. I am pleased to be studying at AGHS as the teachers are great! I love our French lessons and practise my spelling and reading at home. I'm working hard and hope to be a surgeon...

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Samantha Joseph

Hello, my name is Samantha Joseph. I was born in Cité Soleil in 2006 and I have a brother and two sisters. I enjoy learning and my favourite subject is French. When I am not at school,  I like to play with my doll. When I am older I would like be a nurse....

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Mathilde Adme

Hello, my name is Mathilde Adme and I am 12 years old. I have a sister called Lovena and two brothers, Jean Kenson and Wood Nickerson. I am pleased to be enroling at the AGHS and after graduation, I hope to become a nurse. I love reading and my favourite...

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Francia Louis

Hello. My name is Francia Louis and I have always wanted to be a nurse. This is my first term at AGHS and I think the school is beautiful! My favourite subject is Mathematics and when I am not in class, I enjoy playing osslet games with my friends. If you...

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Rubenson Jean Louis

Hello, my name is Rubenson Jean Louis and I was born in Cité Soleil in November 2006. I have 2 siblings, a brother and a sister. I am pleased to join AGHS this year as the school has a very good reputation. I love playing soccer with my friends and also...

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Janvier Rose Philendie

Hello, my name is Janvier Rose Philendie. I was born in Cite Lumiere in 2004 and I have two brothers and one sister. My previous school was Sainte Louise de Marillac and now I am in my first year at AGHS - I love it! My favourite subject at school is...

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