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Hurricane Matthew Appeal

Hurricane Matthew Appeal

Many thanks to everyone who donated to our Hurricane Matthew Appeal. We’re delighted to announce that we raised a fantastic £4643 (that’s €5216 or $5812). We gave  £2420 to Ricot Pierre, Headmaster of the Andrew Grene High School for replacement shoes and...

News from the Andrew Grene High School

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our hurricane appeal. The Andrew Grene High School was able to distribute 62,880 Aquatabs to the students, thanks to your support. These tablets destroy micro- organisms in water to prevent cholera and other water-borne...

Update from Fonkoze

We wanted to share this story from Fonkoze, with you, our supporters, so that you can see how very real the need is, and how very grateful we are, for your solidarity and your donations. It comes from Laurence Camille, director of the Fonkoze Education Program. She...

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