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 Our Microfinance Branch
In a rural part of Haiti called Aquin, the AGF now has a branch of Fonkoze, offering over 1800 business women small loans to get their businesses up and running.

Thank you Rob and the team at Milkwood TV for producing such incredible, inspirational films about our Foundation.

‘Since coming here, I am busy all the time, making small amounts of money in my business to feed my family. I feel good about myself. I feel proud.’
Gilenn Josef

A £16 one-off donation ensures that a client receives the training and support needed to transform their lives


Our microfinance project

The Andrew Grene Foundation works with Fonkoze Microfinance  to run a microfinance project in Aquin, a rural area in the south of Haiti. We have a proven track record of lifting women and their families out of extreme poverty.

  • 98% of Fonkoze’s clients are women
  • More than 1600 people enrolled

We work in areas that are so remote that no bank is willing to serve them, and give loans to people who would be refused by traditional banks. Clients borrow small sums of money, e.g. $20, to purchase produce to sell at the market, or a couple of hens to provide eggs to sell. These small businesses grow, meaning the women work themselves out of poverty and support their families, building savings and increasing their income stability. The loans change lives, giving the borrowers, in their own words, ‘dignity and hope’.

The Alfa course

Our microfinance project includes a four-month education program, teaching basic numeracy, literacy, healthcare and childcare.

The Ti Kredi lending program

This effective program is for women who are unable to join the conventional lending program due to unemployment, illness or family issues. Close monitoring of this program ensures low loan delinquency and graduation rates of over 90%.

Find out more about microfinance in Haiti

Visit Fonkoze for details on how you can help with small loans to the women of Haiti

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